Friday, April 21, 2006

Computer Bug Symptons and Fixing Them

Long ago, when software first became a product anyone could purchase, computer bugs were fixed before they were released on the market. But with such complex software on the market these days, there is just no possible way for the programmers to fix every bug before they release it, or it would never get released. Usually these computer bugs prevent the software that is causing it, from operating properly, but sometimes they also have other symptoms.

A major symptom that bugs cause is operating system instability. This basically means that your OS will crash or freeze sometimes or maybe all the time when you are using your computer. On Windows a bug will cause a blue screen to come up, stating whether it is your hardware or software that caused the error. To get out of this screen you have to restart your computer, which means all work will be lost unless saved before the blue screen shows up. For Linux a message called kernel panic will be displayed, stating what caused the error.

The next symptom of a computer bug is application instability. A lot of applications crash because of bugs, but the good news is you won?t have to restart your computer, just the application. The bad news is any work you were doing on that application will be lost if not saved before the error occurred.

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