Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Philips Patents Forced Ad Viewing

Philips has just filed a patent for a new technology that will force people to watch commercials on TV by not allowing them to turn the channel! In fact you cannot change the channel or do anything else until the commercial is over! Plus, even if you use TiVo or another digital recording device to record your TV show, you will not be able to fast forward! Whew that is a lot of exclamation points, but come on, that is borderline civil rights violation in my opinion. Also, just about every company that advertises on TV still makes money from their commercials, so basically Philips found a way so they can all make more money while annoying us more.

So how will this technology work you ask? It will take advantage of Multimedia Home Platform, a technology that is behind interactive television in many countries around the world. This MHP software is actually built into most modern digital TV receivers and recorders. MHP looks for flags that are put in a broadcast, and displays custom messages on your TV that let's the viewer have additional features and info about a TV show. The patent actually can use that current MHP technology to do this forced ad viewing. So technically this means that this can be automatically added to your current home TV and recording device. They are planning to offer an option so you can pay money to take back control of your TV, but who wants another fee.

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